Library and Book Store

Bela Maroti Library

Our library is a first-rate collection of a wide-range of spirituality titles. There are two computer stations with printers, plus wifi. A comfortable, quiet, contemplative space for study with lots of morning sun.


Spirit Jewel Bookstore and Gifts

It’s small but mighty. We stock a wide range of subjects hard to find elsewhere. In addition, we carry beautiful handmade bookmarks, original art work, handmade jewelry, and contemplative items, as well as a choice of journals and notebooks, colored pencils, incense, essential oils, and soaps.

Spirit Jewel “bookstore” is located along the corridor on the way to the library and chapel. A comfortable chair and lighting allow for “browse and sit” sessions.

Fresh “reads” arrive every week or so, and our free books are replenished monthly.


Spirit Jewel offer books on

  • Christian mystics
  • Contemporary Buddhism
  • Contemporary spirituality
  • Jungian dreams
  • Science/eco-spirituality
  • First Nations
  • Yoga/body awareness
  • St. Hildegard of Bingen
  • Writing as spiritual practice
  • Mandala/intuitive arts
  • A children’s section for books to enjoy with and to inspire the little ones in your life

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