Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Grounded in the spiritual lineage of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi, the Christine Center is rooted in the Catholic contemplative tradition. With our emphasis on meditation, mystical spirituality and holistic integration people of many faith traditions come for inner growth and spiritual development. Affirming that all is One, we warmly welcome and encourage seekers and practitioners of all spiritual paths.

We dedicate ourselves to offering unique opportunities for growth, healing and spiritual deepening. As we grow in depth and integrity and put our inner wisdom into inspired practice, we are changed and we participate in the transformation of the world.

You are welcome here as part of a group or by yourself for contemplation and spiritual growth. And whether as a beginner or as a long-time seeker, you will find stillness, natural beauty and ample communal support for inner work. Our programs, facilitated by qualified and experienced presenters, invite you into deeper understanding and awareness for the nurturing of soul and the enrichment of life. 

We affirm our responsibility as conscious participants in the well being and vitality of the whole Earth community. We practice organic gardening, composting, geo-thermal and passive solar heating to help make the Center environmentally sustainable. Our meals are home-made and mostly vegetarian as part of being in harmony with all life.

Committed to exceptional hospitality, our staff and volunteers, will warmly welcome you and help you experience a caring community.

  the mission statement for Christine Center, focusing on wellness, spiritual growth and natural living