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Retreat Programs with the potential to awe, transform, and heal

The Christine Center welcomes everyone to come and participate in retreat programs with the potential to awe, transform, and heal. Learn new skills, discover ways to grow spiritually, experience new depths of understanding. If you’re being nudged towards deeper meaning, step out of daily life for a few days to learn with others in a spirit of deep community support.

Our facilitators are experienced and skilled. Lots of wisdom is found here.

Please note: Schedule is subject to change.

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Retreat programs begin Friday evening after supper, usually at 7 p.m. and end Sunday morning after brunch, at 12 noon, unless otherwise noted.

Praying with Sacred Sound

February 27-March 1; April 24-26

With Sister Cecilia Corcoran, FSPA, Ph.D. and Wendy Kohlhaas, ICS, CSAC, LPN. 

Tuition: sliding scale, $75-$150, plus meals and lodging.

Two practices make up the framework of this retreat. Both are based on praying from the heart with a minimal of words. One practice cultivates deep listening and the other is a response that may be as subtle as a breath or as lovely as a word.

Experience wordless prayer as you inwardly rest in the essence of sound. One learns the art of deep listening by experiencing silence.  In this retreat you will find your own response to the resonant tones of gemstone singing bowls. “When I attune my intention in silent awareness the tones allow me to release tensions and respond more freely moment to moment.”

To pray with sacred sound is also to let your own breath carry what your soul holds in its hidden places. In breath, out breath; giving and receiving: this subtle exchange done with intention when enhanced by a tone, an “ahh,” for example, sends healing prayers to the world. Repeating a tone, word or chant is an ancient practice found in most spiritual traditions.

Those who make this retreat will discover in the sounding skill of Wendy Kohlhaas an exceptionally sensitive leader who provides a balance of sound and silence. The retreat will move between our deep presence to the toning of the bowls and our response in voice through breath and chants lead by Cecilia Corcoran.

The Christine Center offers this retreat in the remarkable acoustic space of Mary of the Angels Chapel.  Every voice is welcome. No skill or ability is required. Singing crystal bowls will be used to create calming, healing frequencies.

S. Cecilia is a member of the Christine Center Leadership Team. Read Cecy’s bio here. Wendy is a drug and addictions counselor and is developing a practice of Sound Healing and Energy Medicine.

Mandala-Making: Set Free Your Inner Light of Soul

February 27-March 1; April 17-19; May 29-31

With Gabriele Uhlein, OSF, Ph.D.

Tuition: sliding scale of $125-$250, plus meals and lodging and a $15 materials fee for the weekend. Retreat begins Friday evening at 6:30 p.m. 

Creating a Mandala is art as spiritual practice. Mandala-making can bring healing energy and awareness to the body, mind, and spirit. The meditative process helps open the heart to divine love. The work gives form and expression into spiritual truths by releasing the inner light of the soul. You’ll have historical, spiritual and cross-cultural examples of mandalas available for inspiration along with expert instruction and support.

No previous experience needed; all art supplies are provided. We use artist grade, color-fast colored pencils and vellum paper.   

Gabriele is a member of the Christine Center Leadership Team. Read Gabe’s bio here. 

Read Why Create a Mandala.

Yoga Nidra: The Healing Power of Extreme Relaxation

February 27-March 1; July 27-28

With Roberta Hodges. Tuition: $150, plus meals and lodging.

Yoga Nidra is the most powerful relaxation technique known. It means conscious deep sleep. Experience supreme relaxation of body and the most profound stillness of mind. This transforming, deep, blissful state of consciousness is the perfect condition for physical and emotional healing. It is helpful in treating diseases and exhaustion caused by stress.

Roberta has been studying, practicing and teaching yoga in the Himalayan tradition for 25 years.

Annual by Women for Women

March 6-8

No tuition; cost is meals and lodging.

Join our exciting and dynamic annual fest for women who want to explore together. The retreat is facilitated by women donating their talents and wisdom in wondrous and varied ways. Expect deepening and creative experiences. Call S. Cecilia Corcoran at 715.267.7904 to discuss the possibility of being a guest facilitator. 

Diamond Approach to Inner Work

March 12-15, June 11-14, September 3-6, December 10-13

With Carol Carbon.

To register: Johanna Seubert at or 715.267.7902. 

The Ridhwan School is accepting new students for the Diamond Approach to Inner Work. The Diamond Approach is a path of spiritual realization characterized by sincere inquiry into one’s experience, fueled by the love of truth. The immediate contact with the truth of our experience allows the unfoldment of our Soul to reach increasingly deeper levels of truth. Our work includes meditations, teachings, movement, and experiential exercises.

Carol Carbon is a senior Ridhwan teacher of the Diamond Approach. She has studied directly with A.H. Almaas, the founder, and she leads groups in Boulder, Colorado and the Upper Mid-West Region.

Yoga and Meditation for Beginnersmen's yoga

March 20-22

With Bill Miller and Cecilia Corcoran, FSPA, Ph.D.

Tuition: sliding scale $75-$150 plus meals and lodging.

Come try something new in a safe and comfortable place where you’ll be very supported as you learn yoga and meditation. Both of these ancient practices are turning up in fresh ways everywhere in the 21st century. Why? To balance and ease our stress; to provide a way to escape to your inner life and to feel healed, renewed and whole.

Bill is a retired police officer and criminal justice teacher. He is a Vietnam vet. Bill has a masters degree in sociology and training and experience in sensitive crimes investigations. Bill got into yoga several years ago, mostly on a dare.

Cecy is a member of the Christine Center Leadership Team. Read about her here.

Spring Vision Quest: Creating the life you really want
March 20-22

With Erica Thibodeaux, Annika Gunderson

Tuition: $150, plus meals and lodging

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”.   – Maya Angelou

Life keeps us busy and sometimes who we WANT to be and who we ARE don’t seem to match up. Spring into Your Life will allow you to take space for yourself, to return to the quiet intimacy of knowing yourself and to do so with the support of others on their journeys unique and similar. 

Retreat is a sacred opportunity to step outside of the daily-daily and step into the consciousness of your being, to return to yourself. This is an ongoing journey, yes, and we will begin this by practicing guided movement, meditation, and writing. Erica and Annika will serve as guides who are ready and willing to share tools, experiences, and insight as medicine and support for your personal process. While we are teachers with certifications and specialties, we are forever students. We do not claim to be masters who will “heal” your life, but we do promise to share our gifts, our humanness, our studies and personal practices, to meet you where you are and to support the cultivation of your stillness, your self-knowledge and gifts, and your growth.  

Love is radical – it comes with baggage and histories, and it also brings with it Transformation. Spring into Your Life is grounded in it.

Here is a sneak-peek of just some of the topics we’ll be covering throughout our movement (which includes yoga:), meditation, and writing: Letting Go and Holding On, Being Embodied (Body as Guide), Inhabiting the Unknown, Self-Acceptance and Forgiveness (No prior movement, meditation, or writing experience is required!) 

Both Erica and Annika are passionate about exploring their lives through great and varied creativity, and helping to empower others from what they learn. Photos from top to bottom: Erica and Annika. 

Erica Thibodeaux, M.S. has investigated personal expression through prayer, Vision Quests, meditation, art, writing, photography, and mentorship. She has worked with students, community groups, women’s collectives, and at-risk- youth. For her graduate work, Erica researched the effects of teaching mindfulness as a basis for healing communities. She has taught mindfulness courses at two universities. 

Annika Gunderson is a dancer and a Global Somatics Practitioner–trained in movement and development therapy, bodywork and energy healing. Annika has a background in LGBTQIA health advocacy. She has studied and lived throughout Latin America and Spain and has been active in dance and theater production. She loves to work (in the spirit of play) with people to support their power, wisdom, and beautiful uniqueness.

Journaling and Other Ways of Feeling Gratitude to Attract More Good into Your Life

March 21 (one day), 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

With Carol Bezin

$60 (one day, includes lunch), plus additional meals and lodging.

This gratitude based program will focus on ways to deepen thankfulness and appreciation which can affect more circumstances to be grateful for. More commonly, this is known as the Law of Attraction. We will have gratitude journals to write, draw, collage, or doodle what we are most thankful for in our daily lives!

We will follow the same process in making vision boards of our goals and wishes, being grateful in advance for their potential fulfillment. In addition, we will have time to take a gratitude walk, collect a gratitude stone, write a gratitude haiku or poem, write a list of life wishes, and much more! Hear personal stories and see examples of how this process works. No previous journaling experience necessary. Ego says I will be grateful when my circumstances change. Spirit says when I am grateful, my circumstances change. Expect to be uplifted!

Carol Bezin has worked as an educator for children’s programs for forty eight years. As a Virtues Project Facilitator,  she has conducted workshops in the Central Wisconsin area. In addition, she is a published poet, Reiki Master, and long time meditator.

Holy Week Retreat

Wednesday April 1-Easter Sunday Brunch

With Fr. Frank Corradi and the Core Team Sisters

Come experience being with the Christine Center community as we enter deeply into the mystery of Christ in Holy Week. In these reflective days you may choose to participate in group meditation and liturgies of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. Arrive on the 1st; retreat ends with a celebrative brunch on Sunday. 

Myofacial Release Weekend

April 10-12

With Laramee Paradise, CMT, expert level MFR therapist.

Tuition: $25 for therapy space, plus meals and lodging.

Discover steps toward your potential as a MFR therapist. You must have taken at least one seminar by either John F. Barnes, PT or Lori Zeltwanger, PT. Contact Laramee at 612.232.4669 or

Cultivating Compassion: Loving-Kindness Meditation

April 17-19

With Henrita Frost, OSF and Johanna Seubert, FSPA, Ph.D.

Tuition: sliding scale: $75-$150, plus meals and lodging.

Loving-Kindness Meditation is a method of developing Compassion.  It comes from the Buddhist tradition and can be used by anyone.  We invite you to experience this meditation and practice loving kindness growing in gifting yourself and others with the precious gift of compassion.  The intentions of Loving Kindness meditation remind us of loving our neighbor as ourselves as Jesus taught.  We join together with all religions of the world as we bond through the Golden Rule: “Do onto others as you would have others do to you.” – love your neighbor as you love yourself.  Come join together and seek to cultivate compassion and let’s feel it going through our hearts out into the Global Community.   

Henrita is a gifted spiritual guide and delights in the experience of facilitating spiritual deepening experiences and being inspired by those who participate. Johanna has a Doctorate in music. Her passion is the study and practice of mystical spirituality from many spiritual traditions. Both Henrita and Johanna are members of the Christine Center leadership team. Read about them here.

Mandala-Making: Set Free Your Inner Light of Soul

April 17-19 (see February 27)

With Gabriele Uhlein, OSF, Ph.D.

Poetry and Collage

April 17-19

With Lois Libbey-Juster

Tuition: $150, plus meals and lodging.

Come and explore with me through Collage and Poetry—the journey that takes you deeper within yourself to discover the gifts and abilities that come from the depth of your spirit and soul. Collage and poetry are the catalysts that help you get in touch with what you want to accomplish on your journey.  These tools go beyond the censors that stop us from living a life that brings us the most joy, love and fulfillment, and give us greater access to these qualities in our everyday life. Through a variety of experiences using sound and movement and connection, this weekend will provide the opportunity to delve deep and bring out the “gold” that is in each of us. No experience in writing or creating art necessary.  

Lois is a Soul Centered Energy Healer who has studied both Eastern and Western Psychology and Spirituality. She is a co-founder of the Minnesota Institute for Psychosynthesis and completed a Buckman Fellowship for Leadership in Philanthropy at the University of Minnesota in 2014. Her project for the fellowship was “Becoming Your Authentic Self: Transforming Your Life through Poetry and Collage”.

Aging into Higher Consciousness

Awake the Potential to Shape Aging

April 22-24 (Wednesday-Friday)

With Delmarie Gibney and Lucia Leck 

Tuition: $150, plus meals and lodging. Begins at 7 p.m.

Join us in exploring aging as nature’s way of luring us deep into the discovery of who we are, bringing us to the pinnacle of our personal and spiritual development.

Hosted in the spring of the year when life is being coaxed into new beginnings, this workshop is designed to actively engage us in shaping our own aging process, instead of passively drifting into old age.

During this interactive workshop, we will awaken to new ways of engaging in our aging process, including life review, forgiveness work, issues surrounding our mortality, and the essential role of spiritual development in our later years, including serving others and leaving a legacy.

Anyone who is interested in shaping their own aging process is invited.

Delmarie Gibney, FSPA holds a Doctorate of Ministry from the Episcopal Divinity School in Boston. She brings an abundance of skills from her many roles in life, including 18 years as director of WomanWell. Currently she is one of the facilitators for the Spiritual Direction Formation Program at Wisdom Ways, as well as facilitating discussion groups dealing with a variety of topics aimed to deepen participants’ lives. She says, “To be an elder in the 21st century holds great energy and excitement for me.”  

Lucia Leck holds a Masters degree in Adult Education from Northern Illinois University. She is a graduate of WomanWell Spiritual Direction Program as well as being certified as a Sage-ing Leader from Sage-ing International. She has co-facilitated workshops on aging around the Midwest. She loves to share her passion for consciously living and aging.

Your Dreams are Alive!

April 24-26

With Marge Zulaski, OSF, Psy.D.

Tuition: $100, plus meals and lodging.

Dreams communicate something that is needed for your current life situation. There is an “intelligence” within your psyche that seeks your attention via the dream. This experiential weekend provides practices for making connections with your dreams and for ongoing tending to dream symbols. Only you, the dreamer, can know what your dream means because you experience something that comes “alive” for you as you explore your dreams. With a group of 4 to 8 people, you will have time to work with dreams and learn how others experience their dreams. Preparation: write your dreams and bring your dream stories to the workshop.

Marge is a depth psychologist and Jungian Analyst with a special interest in dreams as a way to wholeness. She is a member of the Christine Center leadership team. Read her bio here. Picture is of “Dreamer of Malta”, 3000 B.C. 

Intuitive Painting: Free to Paint from Soul

April 24-26; July 24-26

With Gabriele Uhlein, OSF, Ph.D.

Tuition: sliding scale of $125-$250, plus meals and lodging. $10 per day studio fee. Retreat begins Friday evening at 6:30 p.m.

Come experience creativity, intuition and beauty for the nourishment of Soul. Based on the pioneering work of Michele Cassou, Intuitive Painting allows you to paint freely and without judgment, critique, performance, or product. Painting from pure intuition brings the joy of reconnecting with Soul. Bring your friends and share the adventure of painting from Essence. Visit

You are welcome to come for as much or as little as your schedule allows. No experienced needed; we provide all non-toxic artist quality materials. Just bring a smock or apron and your readiness to let your soul speak.

Gabriele has explored art as spiritual practice for many years and has trained in the Intuitive Painting method of Michele Cassou’s Point Zero. Her art and spirituality sessions integrate contemplation with creativity and intuition, offering a unique opportunity for spiritual insight and deep self-exploration. Gabriele also offers individual intuition training and creativity coaching sessions. Gabriele is a member of the Christine Center Leadership Team. Read Gabe’s bio here.

Read Gabe’s article on the Exhilaration of Intuitive Painting on our blog. Watch this inspiring video. 

YouTube Preview Image

Music from Mother Heart by Susan Lincoln, a St. Hildegard vocal artist. Visit Susan’s website here. In 2013 Susan co-facilitated with Gabriele our second annual St. Hildegard Festival. It was a weekend of joy!

Praying with Sacred Sound

April 24-26 (See February 27)

With Sister Cecilia Corcoran, FSPA, Ph.D. and Wendy Kohlhaas, ICS, CSAC, LPN

Settling the Mind and Waking Up the Body with Michael Stone

5:30 pm on Friday May 1 through noon on Monday May 4

To register:  Registration Form

Develop a meditation practice that’s grounded in the body.  Discover the non-conceptual nature of the mind, deep settling of the body, and the support of community. You will experience the benefits of mindfulness meditation in the context of a retreat. This retreat is organized to give new students plenty of support in establishing a meditation practice and making the links between settling the mind while using yoga postures as vehicles to look deeply into our lives.  Retreats are where most students experience breakthroughs in their practice.

Shôken Michael Stone illuminates the ancient teachings and practices of Vipassana meditation, yoga and Mahayana Buddhism for a postmillennial age. Internationally recognized as a transformative visionary, teacher and agent of social change, his work manifests the fusion of committed spiritual practice and social action.

Health and Inner Peace with Relaxation and Full Natural Breathing
May 22-24 (Monday-Wednesday)

With Roberta Hodges  

Tuition: $150, plus meals and lodging. Begins at 2:00 p.m. Monday.

Relaxation of body and breath releases the tensions caused by stress in your life. Helpful relaxation creates space within for peaceful spirit and life force energy to enter. Come learn many body and breath relaxations of varied length and styles that can be done while lying, sitting, walking or standing. These techniques can be used in almost any situation where you find yourself in need of calming. Practices range from a one minute calming breath practice to the more lengthy Yoga Nidra practice of extreme relaxation.

Roberta has been studying, practicing and teaching yoga in the Himalayan tradition for 25 years.

Mandala-Making: Set Free Your Inner Light of Soul

May 29-31 (See February 27)

With Gabriele Uhlein, OSF, Ph.D.

Buddhist Psychology

May 29-31

With Susan Mickel, MD, PhD

Tuition $225, plus meals and lodging.

Buddhist psychology offers a psychology of liberation. This course will help beginning and experienced meditators to track how suffering arises from sensory input and how to release it for awakening. We will use the Indo-Tibetan way of concentrating the mind called the Nine States of the Mind-staying.

Susan has been teaching Buddhist retreats in the Burmese mindfulness tradition and Tibetan Mahamudra for the past thirteen years.

Introduction to Christian Meditation

June 27, 9:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.

With Cecilia Corcoran, FSPA, Ph.D., who will draw on the roots of Christian contemplation.

Tuition: $75 (includes lunch and supper). Open to commuters and private weekend guests who wish to join us on Saturday.

Eleven hours of guidance in the practice of Christian meditation. We begin with introductory work to understand the tradition of Christian meditation as a spiritual practice. We will move into meditating together in the simplicity of silence, deep listening, using a mantra, a biblical text, chanting and the breath. With breaks for walk-ing and eating in silence, the day will renew or introduce you to your inner life. Open to people of all traditions and experience level.

 S. Cecilia is a member of the Christine Center Leadership Team. Read Cecy’s bio here.


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  • Christian meditation
  • Buddhist practice
  • Writing as spiritual practice
  • Christian mystics
  • Intuitive painting
  • Yoga
  • Jungian dreamwork
  • Sacred dance
  • St. Hildegard of Bingen annual festival
  • Mandala-making
  • Diamond Approach
  • By Women for Women
  • Kindness Meditation
  • Three-year Certificate Program


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