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Retreat Programs with the potential to awe, transform, and heal

The Christine Center welcomes everyone to come and participate in retreat programs with the potential to awe, transform, and heal. Learn new skills, discover ways to grow spiritually, experience new depths of understanding. If you’re being nudged towards deeper meaning, step out of daily life for a few days to learn with others in a spirit of deep community support.

Our facilitators are experienced and skilled. Lots of wisdom is found here.

Please note: Schedule is subject to change. Retreat programs begin Friday evening after supper and end Sunday morning after brunch unless otherwise noted.

Introduction to Christian Meditation

December 20; January 31; June 28, 9:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. 

With Cecilia Corcoran, FSPA, Ph.D., who will draw on the roots of Christian contemplation.

Tuition: $75 (includes lunch and supper). Open to commuters and private weekend guests who wish to join us on Saturday.  

Eleven hours of guidance in the practice of Christian meditation. We begin with introductory work to understand the tradition of Christian meditation as a spiritual practice. We will move into meditating together in the simplicity of silence, deep listening, using a mantra, a biblical text, chanting and the breath. With breaks for walk-ing and eating in silence, the day will renew or introduce you to your inner life. Open to people of all traditions and experience level.

 S. Cecilia is a member of the Christine Center Leadership Team. Read Cecy’s bio here.

The Christine Center is closed December 24, 25, and 26
Greeting the New Year with Silence, Soul and Centered Grace

December 27-January 1

With Gabriele Uhlein, OSF, Ph.D.

Tuition: Free-will offering, plus meals and lodging.

Begin 2015 with grace and spiritual poise! These retreat days are an opportunity to attune to the wonderful energy and transformative power of Silence. Participants are invited to join in the contemplative schedule of the Christine Center and to be nourished by both the deep winter quiet and our delicious vegetarian meals.

S. Gabriele will facilitate a daily morning session for ongoing spiritual deepening and mindfulness practice. There is an optional conversation circle each evening. Experience a special New Year’s Eve ritual and celebration. Individual spiritual guidance is also available for an additional fee. 

S. Gabriele is a member of the Christine Center Leadership Team. Read her bio here.

Honoring Theresa of Avila

January 2-4

With Henrita Frost, SSND and Johanna Seubert, FSPA, Ph.D.

Tuition: sliding scale $75-$150, plus meals and lodging.

2014-2015 marks the 500th Anniversary of St. Teresa of Avila.  Learn and experience what made her a mystic as explained in her map of spiritual ascent, The Interior Castle. Can we become mystics? Let’s talk about it.

Henrita and Johanna are members of the Christine Center Leadership Team. Read about them here.

Praying with Sacred Sound

January 2-4; February 27-March 1; April 24-27

With Sister Cecilia Corcoran, FSPA, Ph.D. and Wendy Kohlhaas, ICS, CSAC, LPN. 

Tuition: sliding scale, $75-$150, plus meals and lodging.

Tune in to the healing vibrations of singing bowls and discover depths of resonance within yourself that becomes prayer. Chant the Holy Name and participate in the inner work of healing, surrender and redemption. Respond in stillness and meditation as you focus your intention on healing for ourselves and the planet. The Christine Center offers this retreat in the remarkable acoustic space of Mary of the Angels Chapel. Every voice is welcome. No skill or ability is required. Both facilitators studied with Jonathan Goldman’s Healing Sounds Intensive in 2013.  

S. Cecilia is a member of the Christine Center Leadership Team. Read Cecy’s bio here. Wendy is a drug and addictions counselor and is developing a practice of Sound Healing and Energy Medicine.

Mandala-Making: Set Free Your Inner Light of Soul

January 9-11February 27-March 1

With Gabriele Uhlein, OSF, Ph.D.

Tuition: sliding scale of $125-$250, plus meals and lodging and a $15 materials fee for the weekend. Retreat begins Friday evening at 6:30 p.m. 

Creating a Mandala is art as spiritual practice. Mandala-making can bring healing energy and awareness to the body, mind, and spirit. The meditative process helps open the heart to divine love. The work gives form and expression into spiritual truths by releasing the inner light of the soul. You’ll have historical, spiritual and cross-cultural examples of mandalas available for inspiration along with expert instruction and support.

No previous experience needed; all art supplies are provided. We use artist grade, color-fast colored pencils and vellum paper.   

Gabriele is a member of the Christine Center Leadership Team. Read Gabe’s bio here. 

Read Why Create a Mandala.

Yoga and Meditation for Beginnersmen's yoga

January 9-11; March 20-22

With Bill Miller and Cecilia Corcoran, FSPA, Ph.D.

Tuition: sliding scale $75-$150 plus meals and lodging.

Come try something new in a safe and comfortable place where you’ll be very supported as you learn yoga and meditation. Both of these ancient practices are turning up in fresh ways everywhere in the 21st century. Why? To balance and ease our stress; to provide a way to escape to your inner life and to feel healed, renewed and whole.

Bill is a retired police officer and criminal justice teacher. He is a Vietnam vet. Bill has a masters degree in sociology and training and experience in sensitive crimes investigations. Bill got into yoga several years ago, mostly on a dare.

Cecy is a member of the Christine Center Leadership Team. Read about her here.

Yoga with Nancy Boler

January 22-25

To register: Call Nancy at 612-724-7311 or email

Come deepen your yoga, meditation, and relaxation practice. Five classes will be offered each day. Choose to attend all or just a few. The retreat begins Thursday evening at 5:30 supper and ends on Sunday after brunch.

Intuitive Painting: Free to Paint from Soul

January 23-25, February 20-22

With Gabriele Uhlein, OSF, Ph.D.

Tuition: sliding scale of $125-$250, plus meals and lodging. $10 per day studio fee. Retreat begins Friday evening at 6:30 p.m.

Come experience creativity, intuition and beauty for the nourishment of Soul. Based on the pioneering work of Michele Cassou, Intuitive Painting allows you to paint freely and without judgment, critique, performance, or product. Painting from pure intuition brings the joy of reconnecting with Soul. Bring your friends and share the adventure of painting from Essence. Visit

You are welcome to come for as much or as little as your schedule allows. No experienced needed; we provide all non-toxic artist quality materials. Just bring a smock or apron and your readiness to let your soul speak.

Gabriele has explored art as spiritual practice for many years and has trained in the Intuitive Painting method of Michele Cassou’s Point Zero. Her art and spirituality sessions integrate contemplation with creativity and intuition, offering a unique opportunity for spiritual insight and deep self-exploration. Gabriele also offers individual intuition training and creativity coaching sessions. Gabriele is a member of the Christine Center Leadership Team. Read Gabe’s bio here.

Your Dreams are Alive!

January 30-February 1, April 24-26

With Marge Zulaski, OSF, Psy.D.

Tuition: $100, plus meals and lodging.

Dreams communicate something that is needed for your current life situation. There is an “intelligence” within your psyche that seeks your attention via the dream. This experiential weekend provides practices for making connections with your dreams and for ongoing tending to dream symbols. Only you, the dreamer, can know what your dream means because you experience something that comes “alive” for you as you explore your dreams. With a group of 4 to 8 people, you will have time to work with dreams and learn how others experience their dreams. Preparation: write your dreams and bring your dream stories to the workshop.

Marge is a depth psychologist and Jungian Analyst with a special interest in dreams as a way to wholeness. She is a member of the Christine Center leadership team. Read her bio here. Picture is of “Dreamer of Malta”, 3000 B.C. 

The Life by Design Winter Retreat

January 30-February 1

With some fabulous women from Eau Claire, WI

Tuition: $150, plus meals and lodging

De-stress, restore your inner peace, nourish your body and expand your vision at this uplifting and rejuvenating weekend retreat!  We will blend gentle yoga, life coaching, essential oil blending, creative projects and connection in circle. This retreat will assist you to expand you vision and align with our purpose in the New Year.

Life by Design is a collaboration of three Eau Claire area women. Aveen Banich M.D, Jodi Ritsch M.D and Lisa Thelon are wisdom seekers who love to gather women in circle to find healing, balance and connection. Read more about them at

Who is Mary Magdalene?

February 6-8

With Gabriele Uhlein, OSF, Ph.D.

Tuition: sliding scale: $75-$150, plus meals and lodging.

Using gorgeous visuals from medieval manuscripts and cathedrals and the insights of contemporary scholarship, S. Gabriele will offer conversation and meditations to re-discover Mary Magdalene. Experience the mystery and wonder of the first disciple to preach the resurrection – as beloved disciple and as teacher of the profound, transforming presence of God in our everyday lives.  

S. Gabriele is a member of the Christine Center leadership team. Read her bio here. 

Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Retreat

February 13-15

With Pamela Eyden and Susan Mickel, M.D., Ph.D.  

Tuition: $200, plus meals and lodging.

Come learn two traditions in one weekend: yoga postures and mindfulness meditation. The retreat will be silent, alternating periods of yoga and sitting meditation. There will be leadership at all of the sessions and instructions at most of them, with opportunities to ask questions, group discussion, and talks integrating the two practices with day-to-day life. No prior knowledge of either tradition is necessary to attend. There will be sadhana for experienced yoga practitioners as well as yoga instruction for those new to the practice.  

Pamela Eyden is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher who has taught in the Winona community and at Winona State University for many years. She is a long-time meditator, and has found yoga to be very helpful in centering her mind and relieving her restless body. She works as a writer and editor for Big River Magazine.

Susan Mickel, M.D, Ph.Dhas been meditating for over twenty years. For twelve years she has been teaching Buddhist retreats in the Burmese mindfulness tradition first, and also in Tibetan Mahamudra. 

Compasssion Cannot Wait

February 20-22

With Henrita Frost, SSND and

Johanna Seubert, FSPA, Ph.D.

Tuition: sliding scale: $75-$150, plus meals and lodging.

Enter into yourself, discover your capacity for compassion. Believe in your power to gift the Global Community with “hope,” through the power of compassion – the trembling of your heart at the suffering of yourself and others.

Henrita and Johanna are members of the Christine Center Leadership Team. Read about them here.

Yoga for Menopause

February 20-22

With Gigi Heinz and Kristen Kemerling

Tuition: $200, plus meals and lodging.

Come learn specific tools to help manage the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause and give you a new perspective on this phase of life. This retreat will include a combination of restorative yoga practices, education, and group therapy.

Gigi Heinz has a BS in Health Promotion & Wellness, ERYT500 with Yoga Alliance, and is a certified yoga therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapy. She has been teaching yoga for the past 12 years and is the owner/operator of be well yoga.

Kristen Kemerling, LPC, is a licensed professional counselor pursuing a doctorate in psychology. Some of her specialized interests include health, exercise, sport psychology, and successful aging.

Yoga Nidra: The Healing Power of Extreme Relaxation

February 27-March 1

With Roberta Hodges. Tuition: $150, plus meals and lodging.

Yoga Nidra is the most powerful relaxation technique known. It means conscious deep sleep. Experience supreme relaxation of body and the most profound stillness of mind. This transforming, deep, blissful state of consciousness is the perfect condition for physical and emotional healing. It is helpful in treating diseases and exhaustion caused by stress.

Roberta has been studying, practicing and teaching yoga in the Himalayan tradition for 25 years.

Annual by Women for Women

March 6-8

No tuition; cost is meals and lodging.

Join our exciting and dynamic annual fest for women who want to explore together. The retreat is facilitated by women donating their talents and wisdom in wondrous and varied ways. Expect deepening and creative experiences. Call S. Cecilia Corcoran at 715.267.7904 to discuss the possibility of being a guest facilitator. 

Diamond Approach to Inner Work

March 12-15, June 11-14, September 3-6, December 10-13

With Carol Carbon.

To register: Johanna Seubert at or 715.267.7902. 

The Ridhwan School is accepting new students for the Diamond Approach to Inner Work. The Diamond Approach is a path of spiritual realization characterized by sincere inquiry into one’s experience, fueled by the love of truth. The immediate contact with the truth of our experience allows the unfoldment of our Soul to reach increasingly deeper levels of truth. Our work includes meditations, teachings, movement, and experiential exercises.

Carol Carbon is a senior Ridhwan teacher of the Diamond Approach. She has studied directly with A.H. Almaas, the founder, and she leads groups in Boulder, Colorado and the Upper Mid-West Region.


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  • Writing as spiritual practice
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  • Intuitive painting
  • Yoga
  • Jungian dreamwork
  • Sacred dance
  • St. Hildegard of Bingen annual festival
  • Mandala-making
  • Diamond Approach
  • By Women for Women
  • Kindness Meditation
  • Three-year Certificate Program


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