Spiritual Deepening for Global Transformation

Our Three-Year Certificate Program for spiritual deepening

Do you yearn for spiritual growth and to realize your dreams, find deep fulfillment and meaning, make a difference on a planet in such need, but wonder where to start or where to take another step? Consider our Spiritual Deepening Program.


Twelve Weekends to Inner Stillness, Compassion and Unity

Our program is built upon four weekend retreats each year that support your spiritual practice and daily life at home. Weekends begin with Friday evening dinner followed by the opening session and continue through Sunday’s brunch.

Grounded in the Franciscan tradition and their own in-depth experience and training in spiritual guidance, our Christine Center staff, and from time to time, other expert guides will gently accompany you on an inward journey of transformation rooted in personal prayer, contemplative dialogue and spiritual practice both East and West.

The beauty of the spiritual sanctuary at the Christine Center, the stillness and restorative nature as well as fabulous meals contribute to an uplifting and nurturing experience


Year One: The Art of Contemplative Living

In tune with the mystical spirituality of Francis of Assisi, a troubadour awake to intimacy with the Divine and whose life impacts our world across eight centuries, this first year draws from the Christian contemplative tradition, but also from the rich wisdom of Eastern masters.


Year Two: Awakening the Spiritual/Earth Body

Gain deep insight into the wisdom of holistic health and the work of cosmologists to ground you in the sacredness of all creation, and become aware that matter “matters.” Develop the power of intuition and the energy of creativity. Commit to self-acceptance and the integration of body, mind, and spirit.


Year Three: Spirit Leadership for Global Transformation

Refine your personal vision and hone your skills of transformative participation. Become more aware of your gifts for compassionate service and imagine your capacity to make a real difference in the world. Learn to say with confidence of Soul: I matter, I can make a difference, I can change the world in very surprising ways.



“I have always wanted to stretch my soul, to think more deeply about the divine. Now I see the holy in the everyday, and God in every activity.”

“What a rich opportunity to be with others who want to grow, become centered, and to learn how to make a difference in the world …. I am so happy the Christine Center is offering this program!”

“Finally, I was able to bring my whole self to the work of transformation and growth!”

“I needed this wonderful instruction provided before going further with it on my own. The program is so satisfying and thorough.”

“The Christine Center is my spiritual home. Thank you!”


For more information

Visit our Blog to read more about the the program. Select the category for the Spiritual Deepening Program. To read them in order from the introduction, scroll to the bottom of the list of posts and read up.

Contact Core Team member Cecy Corcoran at 715.267.7904 about the program to begin in November 2015.