Support Our Projects

The Gift of Your Generous Heart

You have our deepest gratitude for your donations of time, talent and treasure. Our hearts are filled with thankfulness for your support of our projects. We ask our loving God to bless you and your loved ones for helping to sustain our mission.

Your donations preserve the Center’s contemplative environment, help develop our programs and meet our operating expenses. Our overarching goal is that all guests who journey to this special place find comfort and be spiritually nourished.

Our special projects right now are our Adopt-a-hermitage program and developing our network of trails.



Your donation to a hermitage of your choice will help us maintain our 15 hermitages in the spirit of simplicity and contemplation. We invite you to pledge of $500 a year for a three year period.

Here’s what Mike Ward from Boston, MA has to say:

Staying in a hermitage is as close to being in nature as many of us are likely to get. As a resident of Boston, I am continually astonished when at the Christine Center to look out the window of my hermitage in the early morning and, as often as not, see a deer or two in the woods. Squirrels, rabbits and birds abound as well. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to support a program which offers such a unique experience of God in Nature.
-Mike Ward

Call Sr. Johanna, at 715.267.7507 to discuss which hermitage you or a group of your friends may wish to support.


In-Kind Donations

  • Support the Christine Center with a donation of time and talent. Volunteer for a day, a week, or several weeks.
  • Or respond to our wish list. We’ve received so many wonderful donations  — books, plants, kayak, walking sticks, air conditioners, toaster oven, tools, birdhouses, Kickapoo coffee, wall hanging (quilt), sound system receiver, tools and large donations of furniture, etc., dining room cupboards, shelves.
How utterly generous and kind you have been to us! Thank You!

If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to us when we go for a walk.

-Raymond Inmon


Our Contemplative Trails

Our trails travel through our deep birch woods with benches providing rest and wildlife viewing. In the tradition of pilgrimage, we’ve designed the trails to be a brief meditation or much longer walk as time permits. Your volunteer labor, equipment and monetary donations make our pristine woodland more accessible. We continue to need support with signage, wood chipping and filling in rough spots along the trails.