The Four Brahmaviharas

July 28-August 2, 2024

with the Mindfulness Community of Milwaukee

The four brahmaviharas are the ancient abodes of loving connection in the Buddhist tradition. They are loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity. The Buddha has stated that practicing these four abodes is a true path to liberation.

Practitioners from the Mindfulness Community of Milwaukee will be exploring these dwelling places with special attention. We practice in the Plum Village Tradition, in accordance with the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. This retreat will have time for meditation, movement, and reflection. Most of this retreat will be done in silence. There will be daily Dharma talks, as well as groups for discussion.

The retreat begins on the evening of Sunday, July 28 and proceeds to Friday, August 2 at midday. The cost of the retreat is $75 in addition to the accommodations of the Christine center. Scholarships are available.

Retreat Schedule

Sunday night

300p:   Check in
500p:   Dinner
700p:   Welcome, orientation,
             chanting, meditation
930p:   Rest in noble silence

Weekday (Monday – Thursday)

630:     Walking meditation to dharma Hall
700:     sitting and walking meditation; sutra recitation
815:     Breakfast
915:     Singing/chanting, Dharma talk
1100:   Outdoor walking meditation, lazy time
1230p: Lunch, lazy time
130p:   Special Practices
315p:   Dharma Discussion groups
445p:   Lazy time (optional: 45 minute interview with
senior member of sangha)
445p:   Optional presentations in Dharma Hall
530p:   Dinner, lazy time
700p:   Presentations
830p:   Sitting and walking
930p:   Rest in noble silence


630:    Walking meditation to dharma Hall
700:    sitting and walking meditation; sutra recitation
815:    Breakfast
915:    Dharma discussion as a whole
1100:  Chanting, five Mindfulness Trainings, Hugging
1145:  lunch and socialization (silence lifted)
1 pm:  Safe journey home

*meals are silent as well as most of the free time

Your Guides for the Journey

Nick McLees

Nick is a deep practitioner in the Plum Village tradition, having spent several years at Deer Park Monastery, and uses mindfulness in his professional work. He is a facilitator at the Mindfulness Community of Milwaukee’s Wake Up sangha for young adults and the Chair of the planning committee for Wake Up’s December retreat at the Christine Center.

Lois Quinn

As a lay practitioner with a lifetime of experience living and working in diverse cultural settings, Lois offers unique perspectives and insights on the challenges and joys of practicing equanimity.
In the early 1960, Lois’ parents purposefully moved their young family to a transitional neighborhood in the inner city of Milwaukee. Growing up in this environment, Lois acquired a high level of cross-cultural fluidity, as well as a passion to dismantle barriers to equality. As an adult, Lois channeled this fluidity and her skill as an international economist to successfully foster changes in policy to address financial and social barriers faced by many in today’s world.
After her retirement in 2017, Lois moved back to Milwaukee and became an active member of the Mindfulness Community of Milwaukee (MCM) where she has since offered several Dharma Talks, co-led an 18 month long anti-racism study group, and became a member of the Executive Council.

Paul Norton

Paul is one of the founders of the Mindfulness Community of Milwaukee and is presently its Spiritual Director. He was ordained into the Order of Interbeing in 1999 with the Dharma Name True Boundless Radiance.
Jim Barrett is a simple practitioner of Mindfulness and Buddhism in the Thich Nhat Hahn tradition. He was ordained into the Order of Interbeing at the Magnolia Grove Monastery in 2017 and given the Dharma name “True Transmission of the Dharma.”

Simone Ferro

Simone is a dancer and choreographer with certification in Laban Movement Analysis and myofascial therapy. She practices with the Mindfulness Community of Milwaukee and is dedicated to bringing her professional experience as a teacher of dance, pilates, biomechanics, and related somatic practices to the practice of mindfulness.

Meredith Watts

Meredith is a long-term practitioner with the Mindfulness Community of Milwaukee and has taught yoga for twenty-five years. He currently focuses on yoga for mature bodies and on mindful movement that combines yoga postures, pranayama (breath work), and mindfulness practice.

All Inclusive Retreat Pricing Options

Listed pricing includes all housing, meals, and program fee

Lodging Options:

Private Cabin Bedroom: $765
Private Rustic Hermitage: $585
Shared Modern Hermitage: $690
Shared Main Building Guestroom: $635
Shared Cabin Bedroom: $635
Shared Rustic Hermitage: $505

Please contact our main office to make your reservation for any of the following (715-267-7507 or

        • To reduce the number of meals you would like
        • If you need to make special arrangements
        • If you would like to reserve pet friendly accommodations


Modern Hermitage: One room cottage with anywhere from 1 to 3 beds; living area; kitchenette; bathroom and shower.
Cabin Bedroom: A private bedroom with 1 to 2 beds located on the property in a shared cabin; shared kitchenette; shared bathroom and shower.
Guest Room-Main Building: A private bedroom with 2 beds and private bathroom located in the main building.
Rustic Hermitage: One room cottage with anywhere from 1 to 2 beds; living area. No bathroom or kitchenette. Modern bath and shower facilities are located on the property.