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Discover the Christine Center: Your Sanctuary of Stillness and Serenity since 1980

Our journey began with a mission deeply rooted in the Franciscan principles of contemplation, hospitality, compassion, simplicity, transformation, and care for our Earth Community. Over the years, we have grown into a thriving and inclusive haven for seekers from many paths, transcending boundaries of nationality, culture, and creed.

As you step through our entrance door, you’ll be greeted by a powerful proclamation: “We are one!” This statement embodies our commitment to unity, diversity, and the timeless pursuit of inner peace and renewal. Join us at the Christine Center and experience the essence of stillness, where everyone is embraced, and where the journey towards self-discovery is nurtured.


Through our exclusive retreats and transformative programs designed to nurture spiritual development and self-realization, our

aim is to provide you with meaningful experiences tailored to both the demands of the modern era and the depths of the soul.

Retreat Programs

Deepen your spiritual practice through our diverse program offerings designed to help all find retreat to nourish their path.

Personal & Guided Retreats

A personal retreat can be transformative, deepening your spirituality through soul work and reconnecting with the divine in a sacred space.

Spiritual Guidance

Experience contemplative support through spiritual guidance; the practice of accompanying a person as they awaken to the spiritual in everyday life.

We welcome everyone, people of all faiths and no faith, and of all spiritual paths.

Join our team!!!

Hospitality is the foundation of every position here and an important aspect of every service we offer.
If you have a friendly demeanor, can work well with others, and can be flexible in your work schedule, we encourage you to apply.

Part Time Cook/Kitchen Assistant

In this position, you will be responsible for providing vegetarian meals for guests or assisting other kitchen staff. Hours may vary. The meal count ranges from 10-50, but generally averages around 30. Cooking experience preferred.

To apply, please fill out application and send to

Spiritual SSS


for Global Transformation

A heartful community intending to deepen together:
Creating a spiritual infrastructure for the sake of the beautiful
world our souls know is possible.

New group beginning May 2024!

Community Offerings

Twice Daily Meditation

Monday through Friday at 8:45am and 5:00pm

Join our Sisters in Residence, inviting you to community in shared meditation. Offered in person in the Christine Center Mary of the Angels Chapel or online via Zoom.

View our Winter Newsletter

Take a moment to explore our Winter Newsletter, where you’ll find program highlights, thoughtful reflections, and important community announcements.

Circle of Compassion Blog

The Christine Center’s Compassion Blog, launched in 2015 by Sister M. Henrita Frost and now joined by Sara Neall, serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to cultivate and deepen their connection to compassion.

Both daily meditations and moon meditations can be joined through the above button

Support Our Mission

Make a Gift Today

Christine Center donors are our companions and partners who support our mission of spiritual deepening for global transformation. Your contribution provides support for program offerings and the ongoing maintenance of our campus and facilities. Click here to donate.

Many Ways to Contribute...

There are many ways to contribute to the mission and vision of the Christine Center.

Click to learn about the many ways you can make a difference!

Volunteer your Time and Talent

Christine Center volunteers are a vital and integral part of the life at the Christine Center.

We honor the volunteers who over the last 40 years have contributed a countless number of hours. Sr. Virginia referred to those who assisted the Center as “Angels.” Click to learn more about volunteering.

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