Embodying Resilience: A Trauma-Informed Mindful Movement Retreat

Aug. 23 – 25, 2024
with Mollee Sheehan

We have the innate capacity to heal. In this retreat, we’ll explore ancient practices and evidence-supported techniques that utilize the built-in resources of our own bodies to transform trauma patterns and rebalance our nervous systems, to connect with our true nature, and to live with greater ease.

The retreat is a mix of education and specific guided practices that work with the nervous system to shift mental, emotional, and physical states. There will be space for reflection, rest, and connection with nature. After discovering which practices support your whole-being well-being, you’ll leave with a personalized resilience plan for integrating rewiring practices into your daily life.

We begin with UNDERSTANDING:

Oftentimes, simply understanding how trauma and resilience function can offer relief — “Ahh, that’s why I experience this!” and “There is hope!” We’ll spend time learning from both modern science and ancient wisdom perspectives on:

    • How our nervous system controls how we feel, think, and act
    • How to recognize our individual stress responses and patterns
    • How to utilize the built-in resources of our own bodies to shift our nervous system state
    • The neuroscience and physiology of trauma and resilience, including polyvagal theory and the science of safety
    • How trauma is stored in the body; and how it can be processed
    • How resilience is both an innate ability and a skill that can be strengthened

We then EMBODY:

Each day we will explore guided practices that invite and reinforce connection with inner resources, and facilitate specific effects in our body, mind and energy, including:

    • Breathing practices to quickly shift states
    • Mindful movement practices drawn from yoga and somatics that focus on nervous system regulation
    • Evidence-supported techniques designed to stimulate the vagus nerve
    • Guided meditation and visualizations that integrate mind, body and innate intelligence
    • Prompts for private reflection and processing
    • Invitations to connect with the sacred woodlands of the Christine Center grounds

We conclude with a personalized REWIRE for RESILIENCE RITUAL:

Create your personal resilience ritual — a detailed plan tailored to your unique needs that integrates the most helpful rewiring practices into your daily life, so that you can experience sustained, embodied resilience.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for anyone interested in learning how to shift out of stress states into greater ease. The practices offered are designed to welcome and support all types of bodies, minds and experiences. No previous yoga, meditation or mindfulness experience is necessary to fully participate in the retreat.

“I am more aware of my own energy patterns, how my body responds in real time to stressful situations, and ways to help bring myself back into feelings of safety and presence. I absolutely recommend taking this training with Mollee. The knowledge, care, and compassion she brings creates space for learning, practicing, and integrating information that is applicable both on and off the yoga mat.”

Diana Rohlik

2023 Trauma-Informed Yoga Training participant

Mollee is kind-hearted, gentle, knowledgeable, and incredibly passionate about trauma training. She provided a great deal of information that can be applied in all different areas of life.
Heather Odenthal

2023 Trauma-Informed Yoga Training participant

Tuition + Logistics

    • $250 tuition, plus meals and lodging. Every participant will receive handouts and take-home practices
    • This workshop welcomes and supports all types of bodies, minds and experiences. No previous yoga, meditation or mindfulness experience required.

Your Guide for the Journey

Mollee Sheehan, ERYT500, AYS, TIYT, is an experienced trauma-informed somatic yoga teacher and educator and Ayurvedic consultant specializing in personal and communal healing, reconnection and transformation through ancient and modern practices that support resilience building, nervous system function, and whole-being wellbeing.

Mollee’s deep study and personal practice of yogic and Ayurvedic philosophy and mind-body practices over the course of 20+ years played a vital role in her own transformative healing journey, inspiring her to help others move beyond trauma into sustained, embodied resilience.

Over the past decade, she has developed and led programming for groups of sexual assault survivors, those struggling with mental health challenges, professional caregivers, educators, mental health professionals, wellness coaches, community change-makers, and entrepreneurs; as well as hundreds of students in 200- and 500-hour yoga teacher programs in the Midwest and online.