Nourish Mind+Body Retreat

June 28-30, 2024
with Theresea Falvey-Hunt

We begin 6:30pm Friday evening and end around 11:30am Sunday.

If your body is craving some nourishment; think of it like a desire for a “reset” a delightful inhale and exhale of the mind and body. You know, those breaths that bring you back to the present moment. Bringing you back home to yourself.

To nourish: To cause to grow or live in a healthy state

I believe deeply in being intentional that we are making the time to listen to our bodies as to what feels good and for making time for us. Doing activities that help ground ourselves, bring peace to our hearts and minds, and allow for space rather than push or force.

This weekend, will allow for the space for you to Be, to go inwards and listen, to come as you are. Giving space for what needs to go to go, and what would like to stay to stay. What is desiring to yet be created, be created. Filling your cup with guided nourishing sessions for your soul via restorative/gentle yoga + mindfulness + neurosculpting® meditation + sound healing + self inquiry + nature + personal time.

If weather permits we will be having a fire ceremony on Saturday evening for more intentional release of those things we do not want to bring with us after our experience together is complete. Drumming happens during and writing down those things that no longer serve into the fire is a very empowering experience for everyone. A way of giving thanks to what was but no thank you any longer.

All experience levels of yoga are welcomed even if you have no experience. You will want to bring a yoga mat and if you have your own yoga blocks please bring those as well. Bring clothes/shoes for nature walking as well as comfy clothes you can move easily in for gentle movement and stretching. Be sure to grab a journal or notebook you love and maybe your favorite book to read at your leisure.

Now is the time to make you a priority.

To take good care of your beautiful, sacred mind + body.

To return home to your amazing one of a kind self.

Theresa Falvey-Hunt

Theresa is owner of State of Grace Well-Being in Manitowoc, WI will be your guide throughout this weekend.
She brings her expertise of Life|Grief Coach, 550 hour Certified Yoga Instructor, Neurosculpting® Facilitator, Reiki Master/Teacher and experienced Sound Healing Guide to allow for a safe space to nourish and nurture oneself.

All Inclusive Retreat Pricing Options

Listed pricing includes all housing, meals, and program fee

Lodging Options:

Single Modern Hermitage: $678
Single Room in Main Building: $616
Single Cabin Bedroom: $616
Single Rustic Hermitage: $522

Please contact our main office to make your reservation for any of the following (715-267-7507 or

        • Shared lodging options
        • Camping
        • To reduce the number of meals you would like
        • If you need to make special arrangements
        • If you would like to reserve pet friendly accommodations

Modern Hermitage: One room cottage with anywhere from 1 to 3 beds; living area; kitchenette; bathroom and shower.
Cabin Bedroom: A private bedroom with 1 to 2 beds located on the property in a shared cabin; shared kitchenette; shared bathroom and shower.
Guest Room-Main Building: A private bedroom with 2 beds and private bathroom located in the main building.
Rustic Hermitage: One room cottage with anywhere from 1 to 2 beds; living area. No bathroom or kitchenette. Modern bath and shower facilities are located on the property.