Welcome to a new era of Heartful Mutuality!

The Christine Center in conjunction with The School of Spiritual Psychology Presents:

Opening to Helpful Presences

An Online Course hosted by S. Gabriele Uhlein Ph.D., Christine Center Artist-in-Residence

Friday, June 14 –Saturday June 15, 2024

Our presenter / guides:

Robert Sardello, Ph.D., and Mary Jane Hooper, MS; The School of Spiritual Psychology, Santa Fe, NM

Join Us in Entering this New Era

of the uniting of spiritual/physical presence

Heart Awareness necessarily has a world side. As we become more accustomed to Heart Awareness, the world too changes its countenance, particularly the Natural World, where these changes are most immediately apparent.

The multiplicity of the Natural World changes from named things and sensations/perceptions – trees, birds, animals, Earth, to presences – tree presences, bird presences, animal presences, and even Earth presence, each unique, relating with surrounding presences and directly with each of us.

Presences present themselves as alive,
relating with us,
relating with each other.

EVERYTHING offers itself as presence but is too often met as if something ‘over there’, separate… even human beings ‘relating’ with each other are seen as one human being ‘over there’, the other human being ‘over here’ and relating becomes a ‘back and forth’ rather than ‘the between’ of the relating.

Changing what was sensed as ‘thing-ified” to being with presence is immediate and apparent – but our habitual consciousness is strong, and the changes quickly disappear back into the habitual way of seeing things conceptually. The change has to be practiced, noticed, practiced, noticed, practice noticed until the new awareness itself notices that it is perceiving what is coming to be rather than only as ‘already there’, existing from the past, moving into the present.

Be with us for two days ~ change your life ~ allow Earth to change you

for Earth always, inevitably experiences us as presences.

Let us come into the Era of Mutuality.

How we will be Engaged

Awakening to heart awareness and heart-awareness relating. Noticing heart awareness all the time as the ‘hum’ of the heart, noticing the change in our sensing/perceiving/knowing when consciously awake to/with presences.

Inspired conversations among ourselves where we can learn to notice the relating itself rather than being in relation with someone. Human relating as inherently awakening presence.

Various simple practices of noticing the Natural world too as inherently relating with us as presence. Noticing the changes in our being as we relate presence with presence.

Schedule (Central Daylight Time)

Friday, June 14
Morning Session – 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon CDT (with a break)
Afternoon Session 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. CDT (with a break)

Saturday, June 15
Morning Session – 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon CDT (with a break)
Afternoon Session 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. CDT (with a break)

Please register as soon as possible.
Registration is due May 31, 2024 to facilitate retreat planning.

Registration and tuition payment is a two-step process:

  1. $50 Registration is provided by the Christine Center and the Christine Center will be sending out the zoom link for participation.
  2. $250 Tuition payment will go to Robert Sardello.

If you prefer to pay registration by check, please contact the Christine Center at 715-267-7507 or welcome@christinecenter.org to be registered manually.

If you prefer to pay tuition by check: Please make checks are payable to Robert Sardello and mail them directly to:
Robert Sardello and Mary Jane Hooper
14 Encandato Loop
El Dorado, Santa Fe NM 87508