Tao Te Ching: Offering a Way Forward

A weekly discussion, contemplation and meditation based on The Tao Te Ching.

Facilitated by Ronald E. Moor

 $10 per session

“When a nation values wealth and status, its citizens are easily controlled by their desires and their fears. When we learn to value simple things and are not enticed by power, we can open the hearts of people to the joy of ordinary life.” Tao Te Ching Verse 3

The Tao Te Ching first emerged in a time of great chaos in ancient China, 2,500 years ago. It is not a religion but a philosophy of being calling us to live in harmony with all of creation. It is “the way less traveled” that has re-emerged in our time as an antidote to the great challenges we are facing.


There are 81 short, pithy sayings to the Tao, an instruction booklet to a more simple and harmonious life. Every Wednesday morning from 10:15 – Noon, Ron Moor will facilitate a time of discussion, sharing and meditation with our focus on one of the verses. We will begin with Verse 1.

Ron will email all who sign up a translation of the verse for the week. You will receive the Weekly Tao verse at no charge every week regardless if you choose to be present for a particular session or not. Then you choose if you wish to participate for that weeks discussion and meditation, through Zoom. To register for the sessions, you can contact the Christine Center by email at christinecenter@tds.net or by phone 715-267-7912, or you may use the link below to sign up online. The Zoom Link will be sent out the Tuesday evening before the session.

We do ask a small contribution of $10, split between the Christine Center and Ron.

For a truly excellent introduction to The Tao, here is a link to an article by Ursula K. LeGuin: https://www.brainpickings.org/2016/10/21/lao-tzu-tao-te-ching-ursula-k-le-guin

Ron Moor

Ron Moor


Ron Moor has been a student of The Tao Te Ching for over 25 years. He has led a weekly Taoist discussion and meditation group of The Tao for over 20 years. Since 1985 Ron has served as an ordained interfaith minister, a hands-on energy practitioner, personal growth teacher and spiritual guide. He has served three spiritual communities, most recently Spirit United in St. Paul, Minnesota. He currently is a member of the Thiensville Health Alliance in Thiensville, Wisconsin. theshelteringoak.net