Spiritual Guidance with Sr. Gabriele Uhlein

What can you expect from participating in Spiritual Guidance with me?

Thank you, for your interest! My creativity coaching and spiritual guidance sessions integrate a contemplative approach to creativity and intuition and offer a unique opportunity for spiritual insight and deep self-exploration.

When we meet, we’ll begin with some general conversation about what you might hope for, are looking for, or are wondering about. You might even have a specific question or situation you want to explore about yourself, a situation, or the divine. After you have shared what you would like me to know, we’ll take a bit of silent time. We’ll sit together with all that brought us to this conversation and then bless the journey into the holy mysterious unknown we are about to enter together.

After some minutes of gentle, quiet presence, we’ll see where the conversation goes! We become companion explorers in the inner landscape of soul. On our journey we will look for what intuitively arises as we share and reflect. We will listen deeply for the emerging new. We’ll be attentive together, for what is beginning to point to the evolving “you” that you have not yet met, and golden clues for soul deepening.

Having spiritual deepening conversations with seekers from many different paths is a real privilege. I have learned so much and am always delighted to be in such conversations. I am familiar and at ease with multiple traditions – from nature-based and indigenous practices to Christian and Buddhist meditation and mysticism. I welcome any questions and honor whatever spiritual path you are pursuing. No matter the path, Holy Mystery always is alive and present. Our conversation is intended to discover the needed insights already within you. Holy Wisdom is always waiting for us to seek it, waiting to be found.

What are some of the “invitations” that I might offer?

I have deep and utter confidence in natural wisdom. Our creativity, our bodies, our hearts, our minds, and the beautiful world that sustains us – these are all portals into the natural wisdom in us and around us. Once I give sincere attention to my life, all manner of clues begin to reveal themselves. Dreams, journal thoughts, snippets of past teachings, memories of conversations, books that come to my attention and images that suddenly arise, are all sources of wisdom. Body sensations and emotions, powerful or subtle, also can offer useful insights. The most important teacher and guide will be the holy spirt of inquiry we share, and what rings true deep within you.

If we meet only once, we’ll make the most of the time we have, wherever the wisdom emerging in the moment might take us. If we agree to meet again (in person, by phone or via zoom) you’ll be invited to record in whatever way fits for you (journaling with words; making art, a poem or collage) what you are beginning to notice anew. I will be discovering and learning, too.

While you are engaged in inner explorations you may find that you wish to create a ceremony for cleansing or blessing. You may want to offer a ritual to mark significant moments of beginning and ending. Growing up with my mother’s practice of the indigenous rituals and remedies of northern Eu-rope, gives me a natural comfort with earth-based, nature ceremony. My study of indigenous North American cultures and other nature-centric spiritualities further broadens and deepens my own practices. Offering materials, tips, and guidance, I would be honored to serve as a resource to assist you in creating your personal ceremony or ritual.

Why should I engage a Spiritual Guide while on my retreat?

Feeling curious, sensing a pull to explore, investigating possibilities, desiring something more – these are sure signs some new spiritual unfolding is waiting for us to pay attention. At such times, I find it useful to have the opportunity to listen deeply to my inner soul intelligence. Sharing my thoughts, letting my heart speak out loud to a spiritual guide really helps!

Think of a spiritual guide as a trail companion, someone who has some expertise in pointing out the way inward. If you want to meet the “you” that is emerging, if want to experience the exhilaration of spiritual discovery, be assured that any inward searching is always rewarding. Any sincere inquiry always meets with grace.

May your journey inward be all you hope for, and everything your soul might need at this time in your beautiful life.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by all things spiritual. I would play “church” as a child, sneak into churches, try to draw God, and pepper my teachers with questions. I am a Catholic Franciscan sister with a longstanding contemplative practice that includes both western centering prayer and eastern Vipassana or insight meditation. and have a deep abiding respect for the inner mystical aspects of all the world religions. My academic background includes a master’s in theology from Mundelein College, Chicago, as well as graduate studies in Christian mysticism, adult spiritual formation, process theology, eco-feminism, and Jungian psychology. I completed a doctorate in Theology and Depth Psychology at the Chicago Theological Seminary in 1995.

I am a life-long artist. I trust the spontaneous arising of creativity, aliveness insight in the creative process. For those who wish to jump start their creativity or work through a creative block, my coaching guidance is grounded in the intuitive creativity approach of Point Zero pioneered by Michele Cassou. I have been practicing intuitive painting since 2009 and completed my 3-year teacher training in 2018. Each blank page always presents a new adventure and fresh learning.