Spiritual Guidance with Sr. Henrita Frost

What can you expect from participating in Spiritual Guidance with me?

I hope that you will experience my attentive and compassionate presence, inviting you to be fully present as we journey as companions. Hopefully, together sharing, I will be attentive to what is arising within you and guide you, with love and compassion as you journey. It might also be a situation when I will invite you to go deeply within. Where to, time will tell?

What are some of the “invitations” that I might offer?

At this time there is one invitation I will offer you, how to spend your time when you are on the journey alone. How to discipline that time in terms of the internet, cell phones, all devices that could distract from Presence? Presence leads us to oneness with the Divine. Isn’t that the journey to hope for?

Why should I engage a Spiritual Guide while on my retreat?

The response to this question seems, in some ways, simple. Pause and feel the atmosphere of the local area where you live and then move to feel the atmosphere of our nation. Then look within and reflect: how is my outer life and how is my inner life. Then ask yourself: Is Spiritual Guidance something that would assist my inner and outer life?

I am a School Sister of Notre Dame who has been at the Christine Center for about thirteen years ministering in areas of Spirituality. I bring with me a long life experience with opportunities to work and live Internationally. This helps me to remember that we all bring a special background to each other – we are all different. I was in leadership, in my community, for eight and a half years. During that time, I had a Mercy Sister as a Spiritual Guide who knew how to approach and accept me with all the adjustments necessary for my situation. My desire is to offer my life experiences and learnings to others who come for guidance. I participated in a Spiritual Guidance Program at the Center for Spirituality and Justice in New York. Compassion and Loving Kindness are integral to my offerings as a Spiritual Director.