for Global Transformation

Meeting the Spiritual Challenges of Our Time.

World transformation happens
only as individuals deepen,
one by one,
relationship by relationship,
and practice by practice

Our world in both its heartbreak and its beauty, is inviting us, calling us to a new breadth and depth of being. Let’s welcome and support one another as spiritual pilgrims, each of us on an individual deepening journey. During our three-year Spiritual Deepening for Global Transformation commitment, we will travel inward together, inquiring into our conditioned beliefs:

• how we perceive the world,
• our relationship with nature,
• our concepts of the divine and transcendent,
• our experience of Spirit and Soul.

We will be gentle with ourselves while we challenge ourselves, going beyond our former comfort zones into the exciting world being born all around us.
Dare we become conscious co-creators, entering together the stream from the future that is calling us to become more fully human?

Spiritual Deepening for Global Transformation (SDGT)

Cohort VII

Welcome to a community of spiritual depth and three years of creating the beautiful world our souls know is possible. What makes this opportunity distinctive is our commitment to a path of soul deepening — both individually and as a community — that honors the unique contexts and circumstances of our lives. Roxann Rawson, Christine Center Program Manager, will be our host. She is joined by six seasoned Christine Center spiritual guides: Gabriele Uhlein, Ron Moor, Joanne Nelson, Sharon Devo, Wade Britzius and Elaine Jones.

Sr. Gabriele Uhlein

Sr. Gabriele Uhlein

Sr. Gabe's Bio

“The time is NOW. We are in the midst of the transformation we have been waiting for. What is needed is Earth-making at the deepest level of soul: rejuvenation, restoration and evolution in the midst of cultural upheaval and the sixth planetary extinction.
Held in a community committed to spiritual deepening for global transformation, change happens one person at a time, responding with depth and compassion. This is the invitation now: to a fully soul-present, earth-centered emergence. Welcome to an uprising of hope and creative becoming. ”
Gabriele Uhlein, PhD is a Wheaton Franciscan sister deeply inspired by the spirit of Hildegard of Bingen, Francis of Assisi and Teilhard de Chardin. She holds a doctorate in depth psychology and process theology from the Chicago Theological Seminary. As Franciscan scholar and artist-in-residence at the Christine Center, Gabe continues to promote the profound connection between planetary consciousness, contemplation, and compassion in everyday life. Gabriele’s creativity workshops concentrate on the cultivation of intuition, and her spiritual deepening workshops focus on heart-centered, integral Earth presence. Incarnational art and personal ritual making complement her spiritual guidance and spiritual deepening offerings.

Sharon Devo

Sharon Devo

Sharon's Bio

At ease with a variety of faith and spiritual traditions, Sharon maintains a daily practice of meditation, and prioritizes restorative time in her garden or studio to balance her work life and responsibilities as a caregiver. Sharon is attracted to the integration or interplay of nature and creative exploration on the spiritual path, both in her personal practice and in her work with individuals, groups and day retreatants as a facilitator and Spiritual Companion.

Sharon was present in the first SDGT cohort, completing the program in 2010 and is currently Director at Tau Center, a ministry of the Wheaton Franciscans.  In addition to time spent in extended retreat and attending art workshops, Sharon studied Spiritual Direction at Hesychia, Tucson AZ; SoulCollage Facilitation, Madison WI; and Expressive Arts Facilitation at Abbey of the Arts, Mt Hood WA. She holds a BA in Human Resources, with graduate coursework in Training & Development and various professional certificates.

Her intention is to be fully present with you in community, staying open and curious to allow space for our personal and collective inner wisdom to emerge and be heard.

Ronald E. Moor

Ronald E. Moor

Ron's Bio

Called to the life of Spirit well over 40 years ago, Ron has devoted his life to deepening his own spirituality and to a vocation of service. A tour in Vietnam shook his beliefs in “The American Way”. An MBA and ten years in corporate America convinced him there had to be a better way. In his questing he has been fortunate to be personally mentored by Joseph Campbell, Carl Rogers, Manly P. Hall, Rosalyn Bruyere, Mary Elizabeth Thunder, Hyemeyohsts and Swan Storm, Roger Weir and Robert Sardello. 

Called to sacred ministry, in 1984 he received ordination after completing a four-year program through The Healing Light Center Seminary in Sierra Madre, California.  He has been ministerial guide to three spiritual communities in California and Minnesota.  As a part of his ministry he has been a hands-on energy practitioner since ordination, currently with the Thiensville Health Alliance in Thiensville, Wisconsin.

He was a volunteer provider for 25 years at Pathways in Minneapolis facilitating classes and individual healing sessions. Pathways is a nationally recognized health crisis center offering free resources and alternative health care services for those with life threatening and chronic illness. He also served on their board for 17 years.

For three years he participated in an annual medical mission to the Mayan people of Guatemala. He has studied with indigenous North American and Mayan shamans in the US and Central America. 

He has facilitated classes and retreats on spiritual growth and bio-field energy healing in 6 states, including at The Christine Center. Through The Christine Center Ron hosts a weekly on-line Tao meditation and discussion circle.

Ron firmly believes we are at the threshold of an emerging, more humane and inclusive civilization embodying spirit and matter. The Call is being sent out. His participation as one of the core faculty of The Spiritual Deepening for Planetary Transformation Program is a major part of his commitment to contribute in this time of unprecedented challenge.

Joanne Nelson

Joanne Nelson

Joanne's Bio

Joanne Nelson is a writer and retreat/workshop leader certified by the McLean Meditation Institute as a meditation and mindfulness teacher. Her second half of life retreats and spiritual story workshops allow participants to engage and awaken their creative and intuitive best selves while learning to restore and re-story. Joanne has led retreats at the Christine Center since 2016 and looks forward to being immersed in the interspiritual community that this next SDGT cohort will develop. She relishes the opportunity to learn, experience, and grow together.

Joanne is the author of the vignette collection, My Neglected Gods, and the memoir, This is How We Leave, both available from Vine Leaves Press. Her writing appears in numerous anthologies and literary journals, she is a past winner of the Hal Prize in nonfiction and has been a contributor to Lake Effect, her local NPR affiliate. Joanne lives in Hartland, Wisconsin where she develops and leads community programs and adjuncts. Over thirty years of experience as a psychotherapist allows Joanne to combine clinical expertise with her love of teaching to create programs that are research based, practical, and enjoyable. She holds an MFA from the Bennington Writing Seminars and an MSSW from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  More information about Joanne can be found at wakeupthewriterwithin.com

Elaine Jones, Intern

Elaine Jones, Intern

Elaine's Bio

With an affinity for spiritual growth and connection, Elaine serves as a spiritual companion and guide for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of their spiritual journey. Drawing from her educational background and personal experiences, Elaine specializes in soul care, believing that tending to the needs of individual souls contributes to the well-being of the collective soul of the world. In her own spiritual quest, professional work, and academic pursuits, Elaine explores the intricate dynamics of being a soul incarnate in this world. She delves into the depths of consciousness, purpose, divine connection, and the interconnectedness of all creation. Elaine is educated in the field Spiritual and Social Transformation with a focus on Spiritual Direction, and she is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity at Bethany Theological Seminary. As a faculty member at Oasis Ministries for Spiritual Development, Elaine co-leads students in their foundational year of the Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides program. Additionally, she facilitates workshops and retreats that integrate contemplative, creative, and intuitive practices to foster spiritual growth and exploration. With a deep reverence and gratitude for the sacred in everyday life, Elaine sees each moment as an opportunity for spiritual deepening, nurturing, and transformation and has come to understand that the practice of gratitude serves as a powerful pathway to opening the heart to the beauty of all existence.

Wade Britzius

Wade Britzius

Wade's Bio

Since 1971 Wade has called the beautiful Driftless region adjacent to the Mississippi River his home. He was the founder and for 28 years director, of Trempealeau County Community Television studio, working with a wide variety of people and institutions. He has done several major photo documentary projects and has served on several non-profit Boards and as a County Government Supervisor. Wade has practiced Vipassana meditation since 1988, and has been a student of the Diamond Approach since 1996. He has made an extensive study of Nonviolent, or Compassionate Communication since 2003, and currently works part time mediating custody and placement of children for the local Family Court. He leads workshops related to Nonviolent Communication, and loves to ride his bike over the hills, and canoe the riverways of his local region.

Roxanne Rawson

Roxanne Rawson

Roxanne's Bio

Roxanne Rawson serves as Program Manager and, along with others, she chooses to both live and work here on campus.

Wanting to live out her values of contemplation and community more fully, Roxanne transferred to retreat centers following her first career in university student and academic services.

She believes deeply in the value of retreat and spiritual deepening and loves sharing that with groups and individuals.

Roxanne’s journey with sacred spaces–inviting silence, reflection, and connection with all things–began as a child at Cedar Springs summer camp in NE Iowa. Her appreciation for solitude and exploration developed during several years in Japan and was reimagined through her participation in the 3-year Hidden Treasure program at her home retreat center in Upstate New York. Her love for intentional community grew out of her experiences with the International Living Center at Cornell University and serving six-months as a karma yoga intern at Kripalu in the Berkshires and three years with ARC Retreat Community in Minnesota.

Roxanne was drawn to The Christine Center’s invitation to support persons of all spiritual paths, its legacy of sisters and our values of contemplation, hospitality, compassion, simplicity, transformation and care for our Earth community.

She holds a BA with graduate work in education and servant leadership.

As your host and spiritual guides, each of us is vulnerably offering you what we are wondering and discovering from our own most recent growth threshold and the far edge of our own learning. We will be companions together: sharing our amazements and puzzlements, daring and assisting one another.

Together, let’s offer the most heartful world-making and soul-restoring “be-ing” we can muster.

Unique to the Christine Center, we do this in a religiously multi-lingual way, in keeping with our mission of supporting all spiritual seekers, no matter the path inward.

Our natural sanctuary awaits. We meet bimonthly each year: twice on site and four times via Zoom.

    • Each of the two annual onsite retreats build on one another, providing experiential opportunities of soul-steadiness, mutual inquiry, shared deepening, and supportive community.
    • The four annual SDGT Saturday Maps of Inner Wisdom Zoom Days are for ongoing discovery, depth and integration.

SDGT VII Retreat & Deepening Sessions

Year One: The Art of Contemplative Living

        • May 16-19, 2024, Onsite retreat
               (Thurs eve to Sun noon)
        • July 20, 2024, Online
               (morning and afternoon)
        • Sept 21, 2024, Online
               (morning and afternoon)
        • Nov 7-10, 2024, Onsite retreat
               (Thurs eve to Sun noon)
        • Jan 18, 2025, Online
               (morning and afternoon)
        • Mar 15, 2025, Online
               (morning and afternoon)

Year Two: Awakening Spirit / Earth Body

        • May 1–4, 2025, Onsite retreat
               (Thurs eve to Sun noon)
        • July 19, 2025, Online
               (morning and afternoon)
        • Sept 20. 2025, Online
               (morning and afternoon)
        • Nov 6-9, 2025, Onsite retreat
               (Thurs eve to Sun noon)
        • Jan 17, 2026, O Online
               (morning and afternoon)
        • March 21, 2026, Online
              (morning and afternoon)

Year Three: Global Transformation Presence

        • Apr 30-May 3, 2026, Onsite retreat
               (Thurs eve to Sun noon)
        • July 18, 2026, Online
               (morning and afternoon)
        • Sept 19, 2026, Online
               (morning and afternoon)
        • Nov 5-8, 2026, Onsite completion retreat
               (Thurs eve to Sun noon)

If you are wondering about content specifics:

Becoming the transformation that we desire is at the heart of the SDGT experience.

    • The first year intends the consolidation and deepening of personal spiritual practice and heartfulness, of becoming aware that inner work is ultimately Earth work.
    • The second year is for the integration of body, earth, and soul, realizing that we “matter” together for the sake of world soul.
    • The third year is dedicated to finding our way forward through our hearts and practice, deeply listening for what the world needs from each of us, now.


May 2024 – March 2025

This first year is intended for the deepening of our inner life and the consolidation of personal spiritual practices. We will work with techniques, old and new, of ancient spiritual science and emerging modern research. We will explore meditation, contemplation, sound, chant, music, movement, dance, journaling, dialog in small and large groups, meet in ceremonies of high council, delve into our dreams, the structures of consciousness, open our senses, explore pathways into deep silence and even deeper stillness that can open us to the depths of knowing.

Here’s what we’ll explore together this first year of journeying inward:

The nature of heart as an organ of intelligence, perception, and connection with all of creation.

The nature of spirit and of soul as more than what we were taught.

The nature of time as a presence beyond a linear flow.

The nature of creation and what is real as far more than can be perceived with our five senses.

The nature of imagination as a crucial capacity of spirit.

The nature of consciousness itself.

The nature of the transcendent and the divine as more than a static being outside of our being.

The nature of our human bodies as necessary vehicles for the integration of soul, spirit, and the multi-dimensional universe.


May 2025 – March 2026

The intention of the second year is to invite participants to become more deeply aware of the profound resonance between inner work and outer transformation.

    • During the second year we continue to explore the ancient wisdom of holistic health as well as a revitalizing twenty-first century vision of the sacredness of all creation.
    • Our spiritual practice deepens as we cultivate our essential connections: with our inner self, with our Earth environment, with the power of our intuition and physical senses, and ultimately, the transformative energy of our natural creativity.


May 2026 – November 2026

Our third year moves us, inspired and renewed, directly into the heart of the world. It brings opportunities to refine personal vision and to hone skills of transformative participation. The offerings aim for deepening awareness of our natural human intelligence and giftedness for compassionate service. Let’s re-imagine, for the sake of all the children, our innate capacity to be fully present and open-hearted in the world.

      • The invitation is to bless without exception, to cultivate the confidence of Soul to deeply matter; to make a difference, and to change the world in very surprising ways.
      • Discover powerful ways of leading organically, participating with others for both personal and group transformation.
      • Special emphasis will be placed on the soul-power of ritual: how to design, host and share the blessing of threshold moments.

Discernment Questions

Do you have a sense of “more” possible in your spiritual practice?

The SDGT is intended for all those sensing more is possible, or that the depth is eluding them – and who are willing to risk deepening for Earth’s sake.

Is your heart breaking as you hold Earth in awareness? Are you yearning to make a difference?

Consider these experiences to be threshold guardians, waiting for you to engage in a heartful, renewed willingness to break through into the not-yet-known of what is possible.

Do you have a heartfelt desire for spiritual companions? Do you sense a call to participate in a mutually supportive spiritual deepening community?

The SDGT invites a commitment of three years of spiritual deepening – personally and communally – creating together a new way of being fully human, fully present, fully conscious for the sake of the world and all beings.

Is spiritual deepening for Earth’s sake something you are yearning for? Is such a commitment desirable to you at this time?

Earth work is spiritual work. Joining an intentional community of seekers offers a synergistic field that opens portals not possible on a solo path. There is no world healing without a deep collective spiritual infrastructure of soul.

If you are willing to trust hope and blessing when so much promotes despair, and if you are willing to let your planet-size grief energize your deepening, the Christine Center SDGT is for you!

Annual Inclusive Retreat Pricing Options

Listed pricing is per person includes all housing, meals, and program fee for the entire year.

$1946 Private Modern Hermitage
$1802 Private Main Building Guestroom
$1802 Private Cabin Bedroom
$1542 Private Rustic Hermitage
$1728 Shared Modern Hermitage
$1646 Shared Main Building Guestroom
$1450 Shared Rustic Hermitage
$1170 Commuter with meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Supper)
$930   Commuter without meals

Modern Hermitage: One room cottage with anywhere from 1 to 3 beds; living area; kitchenette; bathroom and shower.
Cabin Bedroom: A private bedroom with 1 to 2 beds located on the property in a shared cabin; shared kitchenette; shared bathroom and shower.
Guest Room-Main Building: A private bedroom with 2 beds and private bathroom located in the main building.
Rustic Hermitage: One room cottage with anywhere from 1 to 2 beds; living area. No bathroom or kitchenette. Modern bath and shower facilities are located on the property.

Cancelation Policy:

    • Cancelations which occur 2 weeks prior to the program start will receive a full refund minus the original $200 non-refundable deposit.
    • Cancelations which occur after sessions have been attended will receive a refund for the amount remaining after deducting attended retreats and the non-refundable $200 deposit.

Housing Assignments:

    • If your housing assignment changes for retreats to an option with a different cost, we will adjust your rate accordingly. 
    • We do our best to accommodate everyone’s housing requests, though please know it may not always be possible to meet your preferences. Identifying a shared housing option that best suits you is helpful as it may be necessary at times.