Are you called?

 Spiritual Deepening

for Global Transformation

A heartful community intending to deepen together:
Creating a spiritual infrastructure
for the sake of the beautiful
world our souls know is possible.

My heart is moved
by all I cannot save,
so much has been destroyed.
I have to cast my lot
with those who age after age,
and with no extraordinary power,
reconstitute the world.

                      ~Adrienne Rich

An Invitation on Behalf of our Earth Home

Spiritual Deepening for Global Transformation (SDGT)

In our present time of planet-wide peril, how shall we hope and hold promise in our heart: for our own well-being, that of those we love and even those who cause us grief? Mystics of all ages have asked the same question.

Now it is our turn…

to puzzle out a fresh world-creating answer. As we enter another season with countries in critical combat, another presidential election cycle, another series of climate change natural disasters, where will we find refuge and restoration, hope and possibility?

Can it be we are being called together,
to bless without exception,
and to reconstitute the world,
one encounter at a time?

World transformation happens
only as individuals deepen,
one by one,
relationship by relationship,
and practice by practice

Are you ready to create a spiritual infrastructure of soul-depth for the sake of our Earth-home?

What a brave and startling truth to realize that global transformation happens only as individual souls deepen, one by one, relationship by relationship, and practice by practice—shaped by all the myriad choices we each make. That you are reading these lines is a wonder. That you are part of the Christine Center circle is miraculous. And our common lure to soul depth, supportive community, and heartful unfolding is our daring and astonishing truth.

Becoming the transformation that we desire is at the heart of the SDGT experience.

Each year holds its own intention.

  • The first year… invites deepening of our personal spiritual practice, of becoming aware that inner work is ultimately Earth work.
  • The second year… offers opportunity for integrating body, earth and soul – that we “matter” together for the sake of the world.
  • The third year… provides for deep discernment: for finding our way forward through heartful practice, deeply listening for what the world needs from each of us, now.

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SDGT VII Retreat & Deepening Sessions

Year One: The Art of Contemplative Living

        • May 16-19, 2024, Onsite retreat
               (Thurs eve to Sun noon)
        • July 20, 2024, Online
               (morning and afternoon)
        • Sept 21, 2024, Online
               (morning and afternoon)
        • Nov 7-10, 2024, Onsite retreat
               (Thurs eve to Sun noon)
        • Jan 18, 2025, Online
               (morning and afternoon)
        • Mar 15, 2025, Online
               (morning and afternoon)

Year Two: Awakening Spirit / Earth Body

        • May 1–4, 2025, Onsite retreat
               (Thurs eve to Sun noon)
        • July 19, 2025, Online
               (morning and afternoon)
        • Sept 20. 2025, Online
               (morning and afternoon)
        • Nov 6-9, 2025, Onsite retreat
               (Thurs eve to Sun noon)
        • Jan 17, 2026, O Online
               (morning and afternoon)
        • March 21, 2026, Online
              (morning and afternoon)

Year Three: Global Transformation Presence

        • Apr 30-May 3, 2026, Onsite retreat
               (Thurs eve to Sun noon)
        • July 18, 2026, Online
               (morning and afternoon)
        • Sept 19, 2026, Online
               (morning and afternoon)
        • Nov 5-8, 2026, Onsite completion retreat
               (Thurs eve to Sun noon)

Discernment Questions

Do you have a sense of “more” possible in your spiritual practice?

The SDGT is intended for all those sensing more is possible, or that the depth is eluding them – and who are willing to risk deepening for Earth’s sake.

Is your heart breaking as you hold Earth in awareness? Are you yearning to make a difference?

Consider these experiences to be threshold guardians, waiting for you to engage in a heartful, renewed willingness to break through into the not-yet-known of what is possible.

Do you have a heartfelt desire for spiritual companions? Do you sense a call to participate in a mutually supportive spiritual deepening community?

The SDGT invites a commitment of three years of spiritual deepening – personally and communally – creating together a new way of being fully human, fully present, fully conscious for the sake of the world and all beings.

Is spiritual deepening for Earth’s sake something you are yearning for? Is such a commitment desirable to you at this time?

Earth work is spiritual work. Joining an intentional community of seekers offers a synergistic field that opens portals not possible on a solo path. There is no world healing without a deep collective spiritual infrastructure of soul.

If you are willing to trust hope and blessing when so much promotes despair, and if you are willing to let your planet-size grief energize your deepening, the Christine Center SDGT is for you!

Experience a taste of the three-year SDGT program to support your discernment!

Annual Inclusive Retreat Pricing Options

Listed pricing is per person includes all housing, meals, and program fee for the entire year.

$1946 Private Modern Hermitage
$1728 Shared Modern Hermitage
$1802 Private Main Building Guestroom
$1646 Shared Main Building Guestroom
$1802 Private Cabin Bedroom
$1542 Private Rustic Hermitage
$1450 Shared Rustic Hermitage

Modern Hermitage: One room cottage with anywhere from 1 to 3 beds; living area; kitchenette; bathroom and shower.
Cabin Bedroom: A private bedroom with 1 to 2 beds located on the property in a shared cabin; shared kitchenette; shared bathroom and shower.
Guest Room-Main Building: A private bedroom with 2 beds and private bathroom located in the main building.
Rustic Hermitage: One room cottage with anywhere from 1 to 2 beds; living area. No bathroom or kitchenette. Modern bath and shower facilities are located on the property.

Enrollment request and payment options coming soon.

Payment options will include monthly, quarterly, and annual options. Some scholarships are available.

To be notified when the enrollment form and payments are available, please fill out the form below.

SDGT Enrollment Interest

Your Guides for the Journey

Sr. Gabriele Uhlein

Sr. Gabriele Uhlein

“The time is NOW. We are in the midst of the transformation we have been waiting for. What is needed is Earth-making at the deepest level of soul: rejuvenation, restoration and evolution in the midst of cultural upheaval and the sixth planetary extinction.
Held in a community committed to spiritual deepening for global transformation, change happens one person at a time, responding with depth and compassion. This is the invitation now: to a fully soul-present, earth-centered emergence. Welcome to an uprising of hope and creative becoming. ”
Gabriele Uhlein, PhD is a Wheaton Franciscan sister deeply inspired by the spirit of Hildegard of Bingen, Francis of Assisi and Teilhard de Chardin. She holds a doctorate in depth psychology and process theology from the Chicago Theological Seminary. As Franciscan scholar and artist-in-residence at the Christine Center, Gabe continues to promote the profound connection between planetary consciousness, contemplation, and compassion in everyday life. Gabriele’s creativity workshops concentrate on the cultivation of intuition, and her spiritual deepening workshops focus on heart-centered, integral Earth presence. Incarnational art and personal ritual making complement her spiritual guidance and spiritual deepening offerings.

Ronald E. Moor

Ronald E. Moor

Called to the life of Spirit well over 40 years ago, Ron has devoted his life to deepening his own spirituality and to a vocation of service. A tour in Vietnam shook his beliefs in “The American Way”. An MBA and ten years in corporate America convinced him there had to be a better way. In his questing he has been fortunate to be personally mentored by Joseph Campbell, Carl Rogers, Manly P. Hall, Rosalyn Bruyere, Mary Elizabeth Thunder, Hyemeyohsts and Swan Storm, Roger Weir and Robert Sardello. 

Called to sacred ministry, in 1984 he received ordination after completing a four-year program through The Healing Light Center Seminary in Sierra Madre, California.  He has been ministerial guide to three spiritual communities in California and Minnesota.  As a part of his ministry he has been a hands-on energy practitioner since ordination, currently with the Thiensville Health Alliance in Thiensville, Wisconsin.

He was a volunteer provider for 25 years at Pathways in Minneapolis facilitating classes and individual healing sessions. Pathways is a nationally recognized health crisis center offering free resources and alternative health care services for those with life threatening and chronic illness. He also served on their board for 17 years.

For three years he participated in an annual medical mission to the Mayan people of Guatemala. He has studied with indigenous North American and Mayan shamans in the US and Central America. 

He has facilitated classes and retreats on spiritual growth and bio-field energy healing in 6 states, including at The Christine Center. Through The Christine Center Ron hosts a weekly on-line Tao meditation and discussion circle.

Ron firmly believes we are at the threshold of an emerging, more humane and inclusive civilization embodying spirit and matter. The Call is being sent out. His participation as one of the core faculty of The Spiritual Deepening for Planetary Transformation Program is a major part of his commitment to contribute in this time of unprecedented challenge.

Joanne Nelson

Joanne Nelson

Joanne Nelson is a writer and retreat/workshop leader certified by the McLean Meditation Institute as a meditation and mindfulness teacher. Her second half of life retreats and spiritual story workshops allow participants to engage and awaken their creative and intuitive best selves while learning to restore and re-story. Joanne has led retreats at the Christine Center since 2016 and looks forward to being immersed in the interspiritual community that this next SDGT cohort will develop. She relishes the opportunity to learn, experience, and grow together.

Joanne is the author of the vignette collection, My Neglected Gods, and the memoir, This is How We Leave, both available from Vine Leaves Press. Her writing appears in numerous anthologies and literary journals, she is a past winner of the Hal Prize in nonfiction and has been a contributor to Lake Effect, her local NPR affiliate. Joanne lives in Hartland, Wisconsin where she develops and leads community programs and adjuncts. Over thirty years of experience as a psychotherapist allows Joanne to combine clinical expertise with her love of teaching to create programs that are research based, practical, and enjoyable. She holds an MFA from the Bennington Writing Seminars and an MSSW from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  More information about Joanne can be found at 

Sharon Devo

Sharon Devo

At ease with a variety of faith and spiritual traditions, Sharon maintains a daily practice of meditation, and prioritizes restorative time in her garden or studio to balance her work life and responsibilities as a caregiver. Sharon is attracted to the integration or interplay of nature and creative exploration on the spiritual path, both in her personal practice and in her work with individuals, groups and day retreatants as a facilitator and Spiritual Companion.

Sharon was present in the first SDGT cohort, completing the program in 2010 and is currently Director at Tau Center, a ministry of the Wheaton Franciscans.  In addition to time spent in extended retreat and attending art workshops, Sharon studied Spiritual Direction at Hesychia, Tucson AZ; SoulCollage Facilitation, Madison WI; and Expressive Arts Facilitation at Abbey of the Arts, Mt Hood WA. She holds a BA in Human Resources, with graduate coursework in Training & Development and various professional certificates.

Her intention is to be fully present with you in community, staying open and curious to allow space for our personal and collective inner wisdom to emerge and be heard.