Door of My Heart.

A Centering Prayer Meditation Retreat

October 11-13

with Ronald E. Moor

Silence, stillness, meditation, contemplation, slowing down.

Communing with the Deep Self. Surrendering to the Source of All.

The Centering Prayer movement was inspired by Thomas Merton and developed by Fr. Thomas Keating. It is an accessible and profoundly helpful method of meditation practiced by millions.

More than a technique, this is an initiation into a way of being that can bring us the ability to stay present, aware, and more able to respond from our knowing heart in this time of great challenge.

Join with us at The Christine Center for a weekend of deepening into the silence of knowing. We will learn, we will meditate, we will share and we will explore together. Saturday evening offers a special sound journey with sacred instruments that can bring us into communion with the heart pulse of Mother Earth.

This retreat is designed for those beginning a meditative practice or seeking to deepen their practice. Pilgrims of all faith traditions, or of none, are welcome.

Our facilitator is Ronald E. Moor, teacher, spiritual guide and energy medicine practitioner. Ron has been meditating for over 40 years and is a frequent meditation guide. Tuition $200.

“Prayer is not a request for God’s favors…Genuine prayer is based on recognizing the Origin of all that exists, and opening ourselves to it.”

Cynthia Bourgeault

Suggested texts: The Heart of Centering Prayer by Cynthia Bourgeault; Heartfulness by Robert Sardello

All Inclusive Retreat Pricing Options

Listed pricing includes all housing, meals, and program fee

Online Attendees: $250

In Person Lodging Options:

Single Modern Hermitage: $630
Single Room in Main Building: $550
Single Cabin Bedroom: $550
Single Rustic Hermitage: $438

Shared Modern Hermitage: $518
Shared Room in Main Building: $478
Shared Rustic Hermitage: $404


Please contact our main office to make your reservation for any of the following (715-267-7507 or

        • Shared lodging options
        • Camping
        • To reduce the number of meals you would like
        • If you need to make special arrangements
        • If you would like to reserve pet friendly accommodations

Modern Hermitage: One room cottage with anywhere from 1 to 3 beds; living area; kitchenette; bathroom and shower.
Cabin Bedroom: A private bedroom with 1 to 2 beds located on the property in a shared cabin; shared kitchenette; shared bathroom and shower.
Guest Room-Main Building: A private bedroom with 2 beds and private bathroom located in the main building.
Rustic Hermitage: One room cottage with anywhere from 1 to 2 beds; living area. No bathroom or kitchenette. Modern bath and shower facilities are located on the property.