Join S. Gabe and Friends for a monthly gathering in the light of the full moon.

Theme for 2024:

Guests to the Christine Center are welcomed by the carving over our entrance door: We are One!

This year our full moon meditations are an opportunity to meditate together in blessed awareness of our already One-ness.

Practicing in our everyday life that which is truest at the deepest part of our being is a profound and compassionate spiritual human service. Our One-ing is our greatest challenge, highest gift and deepest service.

Especially this year, amid its world-wide economic difficulties, armed conflicts and political contests, let us keep silent vigil together – in blessing and good intention – under our one shared lunar light.

Plan to be with us for about an hour. Each meditation time will include some initial seed-thoughts particular to the sun-sign in which the full moon is occurring, followed by personal intention-setting. We’ll meditate for about 30 minutes in silence, ending every meditation with the Christine Center Prayer of Unity. A brief sharing of experiences and suggestions for ongoing reflection bring our time to completion.

Why meditate at the full moon time?

During the full moon time there are both spiritual and physical energies afoot. Earth itself “feels” the full moon. For the moon to be “full”, the Sun is opposite the Moon with Earth between them. As a result, the opposing gravitational pull of Sun and Moon creates both higher and lower tides in Earth’s waters. Likewise, we are physically about two-thirds water, and can sense the subtle gravitational “tug” between high and low in our body. For example, more babies are born at full moon time, and collectively, emotions are reported to be more intense. It is certainly a prime time to slip into stillness and to practice compassion.

What is the spiritual meaning of the full moon?

“Fullness” is the key. In most spiritual traditions, a full moon symbolically reminds us to shine “fully” with divine light in the same way the moon “shines” fully the light of the sun. Thus, the full moon invites a deep inquiry into the shining forth of our highest aspirations and values of soul. It is also a gratitude-time to celebrate all that is full in our lives. Likewise, we can use the full moon’s illumination to amplify compassion and to intend the shining of goodness for all beings. Recognizing the spiritual power of a full moon, many spiritual traditions, both East and West, align festivals with this time.

Why use the names and the astrological meanings and seed-thoughts of the full moon sun signs?

The short answer is: It’s fun! Moreover, they reflect universal synchronicities of the one sky we all share. The very earliest of human spiritual activities were informed by the placement of the stars, the sun and the moon. The moon names are from The Old Farmers’ Almanac and reference Indigenous wisdom and European settlers’ experience of nature in the North American hemisphere. According to western astrological wisdom, the annual twelve full moons, each in a particular constellation, reflect the synchronicity of that constellation’s planets and stars, along with their corresponding spiritual qualities, opportunities and challenges. The western astrological sun-signs are commonly known, are a convenient way to organize the reflection for each full moon, and offer suggested spiritual energies to focus the meditation.

How will we meditate?

The intention is to practice One-ing. The invitation is to enter the stillness, to drop into the heart and to radiate love and blessing, and to receive love and blessing: all ONE, and all without exception. At each meditation time, the host will suggest a way to focus the meditation, but you are free to enter into whatever silent practice serves you best. Every 10 minutes a bell will chime to offer an opportunity to inspire and to deepen the meditation. You might also silently pray with rosary beads or other prayer beads, and if you are so inclined, to use a book of suitable spiritual reading to focus the prayer time.

What is the Christine Center Prayer of Unity?

A form of this prayer has been prayed at the Christine Center since it was founded in 1980. Echoing the intertwining of time and eternity, it draws wisdom from several spiritual paths, and speaks to the various ways our spiritual being is expressed in human experience. Most importantly, it confirms our ONE-ness in awareness, compassion and presence. Here is the prayer:

In the Name of the One God, Mother-Father of us all and everything, We are one Mind in the Light of Holy Wisdom,
We are one Heart in the Radiance of Pure Love,
We are one Body in the Resonance of Divine Power.
All of creation is One,
in Light and Love and Power,
As it was in the beginning,
is now, and ever shall be. Amen

Can I conclude with a prayer of my own choosing?

Absolutely! The Christine Center welcomes you and whatever spiritual path and practice has now brought us together. Please join us at the full moon time to meditate and pray in any way that fits for you. What a lovely way to practice how “many” are already ONE.

Zoom Schedule: 6:30pm – 7:30 pm Central Time

January 24, Wednesday

Wolf Moon

AQUARIUS sun-sign: FULL MOON is in constellation LEO.

Seed-thought: What a blessing, to drink good water when thirsty.  Water of Life am I, poured forth for those who thirst.

February 24, Saturday

Snow Moon

PISCES sun-sign: FULL MOON is in constellation VIRGO.

Seed-thought: Leave what is known and familiar. To meet the good which can be, but is not yet, requires releasing and going. Because others have gone, I dare to go. So that others may dare, I will go.

March 24, Sunday

Worm Moon

EASTER ARIES sun-sign: FULL MOON is in constellation LIBRA with penumbral lunar eclipse.

Seed-thought: Tombs open and empty, the weather of emotion quiet, the tumble of thinking stilled. Now arises Holy Knowing, Intuition. I meet Life and it is One, alive.

April 23, Tuesday

Pink Moon

WESAK TAURUS sun-sign: FULL MOON is in constellation SCORPIO.

Seed-thought: In stillness, sensing deeply, there is enough and more than enough, always. Releasing, and opening, willingness appears and conflict resolves. Open-eyed, all is Light.

May 23, Thursday

Flower Moon

GEMINI sun-sign: FULL MOON is in constellation SAGITARIUS.

Seed-thought: Who I am is not how I think of myself or who I have made myself to be. I recognize who I think I am, and in the waning of that self, I serve, I shine, I am One.

June 22, Saturday

Strawberry Moon

CANCER sun-sign: first FULL MOON is in constellation CAPRICORN.

Seed-thought: I create a Lighted House and in it, take my place. In such creating, I am as God is. Therein be Love. “Welcome”, I say, without exception.

July 21, Sunday

Buck Moon

CANCER sun-sign: second FULL MOON is in constellation CAPRICORN.

Seed-thought: I create a Lighted House and in it, take my place. In such creating, I am as God is. Therein be Love. “Welcome”, I say, without exception.

August 19, Monday

Sturgeon Moon

LEO sun-sign: FULL MOON is in constellation AQUARIUS.

Seed-thought: I am what I most deeply desire. That which I most deeply desire I am. I give myself to Life, in, with, and through ONE.

September 17, Tuesday,

(with partial lunar eclipse)

Harvest Moon

VIRGO sun-sign: FULL MOON is in constellation PISCES.

Seed-thought: We are Spiritual Being and Human Matter. Earth-nurtured and nurturing Earth, we are both child and Mother. This is how the Divine matters, both serving and served.

October 17, Thursday

Hunters Moon

LIBRA sun-sign: FULL MOON is in constellation ARIES.

Seed-thought: In the great rhythm of creation, all things expand and then contract, and then expand again. Finding my way, in service to Love and Life , I choose the path that embraces both.

November 15, Friday

Beaver Moon 

SCORPIO sun-sign: FULL MOON is in constellation TAURUS.

Seed-thought: Difficulties and challenges are like guardians, testing and honing capacities for diving deep into Holy Experience. Persevering, I am ready to cross the threshold into the next Soul opening.

December 15, Sunday

Cold Moon 

SAGITTARIUS sun-sign: FULL MOON is in constellation GEMINI.

Seed-thought: The spiritual path is without beginning or end. I extend a hand to those behind me and take the hand of those in front of me.. Together, we step forward. There is always more.

NB. There will be no full moon during the sun-sign CAPRICORN in 2024 . The moon will be full in the constellation Capricorn during the sun-sign CANCER twice.