Seeking something more? Longing to go deeper?

We live in a time of awakenings. We have the gift of freedom to attend to our true self and to discover deeper meanings in life. 

For 35 years the Christine Center has offered thousands of seekers different pathways to healing, ways to unfold the soul and to put inner wisdom gained into inspired practice and service to life. 

Come explore the gifts of meditation, holistic wellness, and mystical spirituality, from both Christian and Eastern traditions. Come learn how to help transform the world through transforming yourself. Whether a beginner or long-time seeker, you’ll find a supportive and caring community to help you along the way.

Rooted in the spiritual lineage of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi, we affirm All Is One. No matter what your spiritual path or faith background, you are welcome at our table.


Come to the Stillness for a Personal Retreat

No matter how you define your desire to get away for a while, a personal retreat offers deep and lasting benefits. Learn more. . .


Or Join a Retreat Program

Come and participate in retreat programs with the capacity to awe, transform, and heal. Learn new skills and discover ways to grow spiritually. Learn more. . .


Bring Your Own Group: Family, Friends, Co-workers

For over 30 years we have offered a woodlands sanctuary where private groups can gather to create, learn, and grow together. Where the details of lodging, dining, and meeting space are all wrapped up in a spirit of harmony and deep hospitality. Learn more . . .


Support Our Mission of Spiritual Deepening for Global Transformation

The Christine Center is a member of the International Charter for Compassion

Having recognized the urgent and compelling need for compassion to permeate our Universe, if peace in the Global Community is to be possible, the Christine Center became a partner with the International Charter for Compassion founded by Karen Armstrong. Read our Blog.


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